Working with a Professional Interpreter makes good business sense!


  • Miscommunication
  • Serious Liability
  • Confidentiality Issues
  • Loss of Precious Time

Interpreting IS…

The Interpreter’s job is to facilitate communication.

Interpreting is a complex process requiring native-like fluency in at least two languages (American Sign Language and Spoken English) to bridge the communication gap. The interpreter must understand the meaning of the message being communicated in one language and determine how to convey that meaning in the other language. Information the interpreter hears is conveyed to the Deaf person. Information the Deaf person expresses is conveyed to other people present. The interpreter must present that message in a way that captures the intent and emotion of the person giving the message.

The ability to converse in sign does not qualify a person to interpret. Many people often confuse individuals who can converse in sign language with professional interpreters.

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